About Maruti


Maruti Seidman originally trained at Heartwood Holistic College in Santa Cruz, California in 1980. He trained under the guidance of Pierre Pannitier, Becky Sharman and Bruce Burger. Pannitier was the direct successor to Dr. Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy. Sharman is president of Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts in Santa Cruz, CA and Burger continues to teach at Heartwood College in Garberville, CA.

Maruti apprenticed at Heartwood College from 1980-1983, becoming certified to teach Polarity in the state of California in 1982. During this time he taught eight 3-hour classes and performed 25 private sessions per week. In 1982 he authored and published A Guide to Polarity Therapy and in 1985 he began to teach seminars throughout the United States. From 1985 to the present, Maruti has conducted over 600 seminars, trained over 20,000 people and given over 20,000 private sessions. He developed the curriculum for the Polarity Balancing Center which now consists of over 80 different healing sessions. In 2000 he authored Balancing the Chakras and recently published a new book entitled The Whispers of Your Heart.

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